Here’s what happens if you do a Google search for Greggs right now

(Update: Google have now fixed it, because doughnuts)

Alongside the normal search results, you get this handy little box of info!

Oh. What’s happened to that logo?

Well, all the info in that box is from Google’s Knowledge Graph, a database of information about various topics compiled from sources like Wikipedia, Freebase and the CIA World Factbook.

Unfortunately, it seems Google have also been sucking up information from Uncyclopedia – which is where that version of the Greggs logo is hosted

Uncyclopedia is a parody version of Wikipedia, hence their snobby re-rendering of the Greggs logo. Bog off, Uncyclopedia, we love a sausage, beans and cheese slice!

Unless Google really believe that this Uncyclopedia summary of their founding is accurate, they might want to fix that:

Page and Brin’s great epiphany came during the winter of 1893, which they spent smearing one another’s bodies with goosefat to combat the extreme cold as was commonly done in those days, when they realised that information was a vital and highly valuable resource in the rapidly industrialising Western nations.

Greggs are, understandably, not best pleased with the situation

We suspect it may be Greggs themselves who’ve caused a minor edit war on Uncyclopedia today, in a (currently) unsuccessful attempt to fix the issue by replacing the offending image.

They’ve also tried a bit of “bribery”

Which seems to have worked!

Et voila, the logo is gone!

But Greggs aren’t the only victims of Google using Uncyclopedia as a picture resource: They also think Richard Littlejohn poos out of his mouth!

We’ve NSFW’d it as even though it’s quite grainy it’s just not very nice to look at – click on the image if you really want to:

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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