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QUIZ: He-Man or Hitler - who said what?

Honestly, we’re not sure what we’re saying here other than that maybe 80s cartoon superstar He-Man was a nazi. Maybe that’s all that needs to be said.

Anyway, Can you guess who said which quote: He-man or Hitler?

Test your He-Man / Hitler skills NOW!

them crowley great best thelema curry recipes

Hungry for lunch AND the magical powers of a Great Beast? Try this Aleister Crowley recipe

Early 20th Century cult figure Aleister Crowley was famous for his extremely hot curries

Ok, that’s not what he was most famous for

Crowley was more famous for being a modern-day warlock. Also, a poet. Also, a mountaineer (he scaled K2). Also a practical joker. Also a heroin addict. Also he waged psychic war against Hitler. Also, he had an amazing hat and was on the cover of Sergeant Pepper. And Jimmy Page lived in his house.

Yep, that’s Crowley alright.

But after all those things, he was famous for hot curry. And a recipe of his has just been unearthed among the great man’s papers at Syracuse University, New York.

Alas, the legendary occultist neglected to put any quantities of ingredients - so enterprising blogger Nico Mara Mckay has worked them out.

Riz Aleister Crowley

(To be eaten with curry)


  • 1 cup brown basmati rice
  • sea salt
  • 1/4 cup sultanas
  • 1/4 cup slivered almonds
  • 1/4 cup pistachio nuts
  • powdered clove
  • powdered cardamom
  • turmeric powder (enough to colour the rice to a clear golden tint)
  • 2 tbsp butter


Bring two cups of salted water to a bowl. Throw in in the rice, stirring regularly.

Test the rice after about ten minutes “by taking a grain, and pressing between finger and thumb. It must be easily crushed, but not sodden or sloppy. Test again, if not right, every two minutes.”

When ready, pour cold water into the saucepan.

Empty the rice into a colander, and rinse under cold tap.

Dry the rice out. Preferably the rice should seem very loose, almost as if it it has not been cooked at all.

Place the rice back into the pot on a much lower temperature.

Stirring continuously, add the butter, sultanas, almonds, pistachio nuts, a dash or two of cloves and a dash of cardamom.

Add enough turmeric that the rice, after stirring, is “uniform, a clear golden colour, with the green pistachio nuts making it a Poem of Spring.”

Here’s Crowley’s actual, type-written recipe

If you’d like a spicy accompaniment to this rather fruity rice dish, we’d suggest Lemmy from Mötörhead’s ‘Krakatoa Surprise’. If you have a strong stomach.

Via Dangerous Minds.

them science fiction science fi sci fiction space ships battlestar galactica air show space 1999 gerry anderson air shows

Forget Farnborough - this is the SCI-FI AIR SHOW!

What if all the spaceships from 70s sci-fi TV shows actually flew?

What if the shows built them, filmed them flying, then left them rusting away in aircraft boneyards waiting for enthusiasts to piece them back together and get them flying again?

Well, they DID and they ARE and that’s EXACTLY what’s happening! And the Sci-Fi Air Show is the result

You can tour the Eagle from Space: 1999

Or visit the craft used in the original Battlestar Galactica

Or the Liberty 2, from the Planet of the Apes films!

Nah. ONLY FOOLING! The Sci-Fi Air Show is just a fantasy. It only exists online

But wow, it’s a pretty bloody good fantasy - the creator is Bill George, a Visual Effects Supervisor at ILM. He started at ILM pre-CGI, when they were still mostly building models & filming miniatures - and he was part of the team which built the enormous cityscape in Blade Runner.

Not bad…

Since the transition to CGI he found he missed actually getting his hands dirty building models

So, he hit on the Sci-Fi Air Show as a way of applying his enthusiasm for 70s TV and making things. The ships featured on the site were built as scale models, then added to photos and footage using his daytime digital trickery skills. The people seen queuing are all friends and colleagues.

And with a nod to real airshows the world over, he even included an unfortunate Eagle crash (which apparently happened in Buckinghamshire)

Although being completely fictional, thankfully nobody was hurt. And no cows were harmed either.

Bill gets 3 or 4 emails via the site every week, from people asking how to attend the next show. And that makes him very happy, even if he does then have to write back and tell them it’s all made up. Being fooled is basically the best compliment you can give to someone who’s job is to fake stuff. Marvellous.

You can visit the site here:

And hear Bill talking to Wired about the show here.

Photos of ships © Bill George.

them bread sex bread nice buns

Nothing to see here, just some bread climaxing

We really tried to work in some sort of Foccacia pun here, but we just couldn’t. Sorry

Have to say, they look unexpectedly happy about the situation. This is not what we’d expected the Second Coming to look like.

BONUS: How it’s made

"Oh yeah. Yep. There. Oh yeah that’s good. Don’t you stop that wiggle, now"

Via Help feed the Troll.

them art art history americana

Here’s the people from the painting American Gothic, standing NEXT TO American Gothic

Pretty much everyone recognises American Gothic - it’s one of those images, like Mona Lisa, that’s so well-known that you almost only see it through parodies.

In case you’d forgotten. It is a cracker though…

The painting depicts a Mid-West farmer and his daughter, standing in front of their house.

And who are these people?

They’re the artist’s dentist, Dr. Byron McKeeby, and his sister, Nan. Apparently, Nan got quite annoyed when people assumed the picture’s of a farmer’s wife. We have to say, the portrait isn’t… terribly flattering.

them anu's kitchen bumhole

Maybe “Bumhole cookery” was considered a step too far?

We’re not 100% sure, but we think turning the apostrophe of this logo into a steam icon was *probably* a bad idea:

Although, that said, we don’t know quite how spicy the food is

Why not visit their website and find out?