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us Eton eton college the establishment posh

12 (and a half) people you *may* be surprised to discover went to Eton

Eton College is a private school - an old, old, old private school

It’s mostly thought of as a breeding ground for the privileged, especially for children being groomed for politics. The school has produced 19 prime ministers so far, including our current one. And when David Cameron announced his first front bench team as leader of the opposition 13 of them had gone to Eton.

But what of the other privileged kids? What else do they end up doing? And do you know who they are? - Let’s see.

Okay, let’s get a fictional one out of the way first - James Bond

Bond aficionados will know this, but the casual cinema-goer may be surprised to learn James Bond went to Eton. And was expelled for having sexy times with one of the school’s maids. The details of this appeared in the book You Only Live Twice. It’s less surprising when you realise Ian Fleming went to Eton himself. And basically wanted to be Bond.

1. Adam Hart-Davis

Pic: David Henshaw

Eccentric TV history and science botherer and Self Assessment tax deadline reminder, Adam’s on screen enthusiasm for pretty much everything gives him something of an everyman quality. It neatly masks the fact he is a direct descendent of King William IV and a second cousin of David Cameron

2. Humphrey Lyttelton

Pic: Jeremy Hardy

Humph wielding his weapon in the middle of the other Cluers

The original chair of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, trumpeter and band leader Humphrey Lyttelton was a passionate left-winger. His father was also a live-in Housemaster at Eton, so he got to go. After school he got employed at Port Talbot Steelworks which solidified his political views. He turned down a knighthood. He was, by every account, an absolutely top chap.

3. Bill Turnbull

Bill’s life flashes in front of his eyes as he interviews boyband Rixton earlier this year

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant and current BBC Breakfast sofa ranger, Bill Turnbull went to Eton before heading to Edinburgh University. He told the Daily Mail “I remember my school days being not that luxurious. When it got cold, I had to wear a coat.” Bless.

4. Hugh Laurie

Aside from the world dominating House he’s often known for playing comedy upper class twits. It’s quite possible Hugh Laurie based at least some of the characters on people he went to school with.

5. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Posh sounding “eat every bit of the animal except for when I’m being a vegetarian” rustic chef, Fearnley-Whittingstall lives entirely of the land. And all those TV programmes and books he does

6. Frank Turner


This Eton educated singer did write a song called Thatcher F*cked The Kids, but in a long interview with The Guardian says he regretted doing so. He also tried to backtrack several years of fairly loony sounding rightwing views he had aired in the press. He ended saying “I’m just not particularly leftwing.” But what of the current Prime Minister and old school alumni? He told NME “David Cameron is a twat. […] I wouldn’t vote for that c*nt.” - so at least that’s clear.

7. Tom Hiddleston

Eton has a 400 seat, fully equipped theatre. No doubt Loki off of The Avengers honed honed his skills there. (And also Patrick Macnee - Steed from the original Avengers off the telly in the 60s went to Eton too).

8. Damien Lewis

And Brodie off Homeland.

9. Dominic West

And McNulty off The Wire.

10. Eddie Redmayne

And some character in Les Miserables. Haven’t seen it. Not going to see it.

11. Matthew Pinsent

He’s a Sir now, thanks to his medal winning rowing skills. It was the school’s 2,000m lake which hosted the 2012 Olympic rowing regatta, so it’s not surprising that old boys from the school might have a bit of an advantage in the sport. Hugh Laurie rowed in the Oxford/ Cambridge Boat Race too.

12. Bear Grylls

Yes, adventurer and Chief Scout Bear went to Eton. Where he was presumably referred to by his actual name, Edward Grylls.

It’s clear then, even if you don’t want to ruin the country for the benefit of your mates, that going to Eton can be a nice kickstart in life

them parents practical jokes mash

Parents! Do this to your kid. Or maybe don’t. We’re not sure.

One the one hand, they may grow up to hate you, and lose all faith in humanity because of that betrayal from one of the people they trusted the most in this world…

On the other…



them neighbours drew kirk

Next month there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse… on Ramsay Street

For Halloween, the producers of Neighbours are going to release a series of online episodes of a spin-off: Zombies on Ramsay Street

Part of a scheme that sponsors new voices in online media, it will feature a Youtube “content creator” (we think that means she makes videos for the internet) as well as familiar Erinsborough faces, alive *and* dead - including DREW KIRK.

You remember Drew Kirk - he worked in the garage and then married Libby and then fell off a horse and died. Then he came back as a sort of boring dream ghost. And how HE’S A ZOMBIE!

Although to be honest we’re more excited to discover from that photo that Karl and Susan still have that pissing awful painting of their kids

The work of dead matriarch Helen Daniels, of course. Never forget how bad at painting she was.

You’ll be able to watch Neighbours: Zombies on Ramsay Street on the YouTubes from the 27th of September

We are crossing everything for ZOMBIE HAROLD

them hollywood sexism

5 actresses reacting to sexist interview questions that will restore your faith in Hollywood

Hollywood has always had a pretty big sexism problem, and more and more actresses are starting to get tired of it

The misogyny in the film industry exists on all levels, from casting choices to the writing of female characters, and a lot of work needs to be done, but where should we start?

With unnecessarily gendered interviews, maybe?

You know the ones. The fascinating questions about diets, the patronising tone…We’re definitely quite tired of it, but it’s nothing compared to how unimpressed these actresses are:

Mayim Bialik wishes this journalist could have done some actual research

Read More

them jason donovan terrorism

Everything’s going to be okay. Jason Donovan has got your back.

We would totally watch the straight-to-DVD movie version of this

Terrorists, beware: he’s coming… especially for you

them apple stormfront york unfortunate name

The Apple retailer in York has a slightly unfortunate name

Presumably this is where you exclusively buy white iPhones from

The queue for the iPhone 6 forms to the right…

UPDATE - there are in fact 23 branches with this name across the country. Wow. Really.