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Quiz London Underground Us

QUIZ: Guess Which Tube Station Is Missing

Can you figure out which station is missing from these maps?

us UKIP Morrissey quizzes

QUIZ: Is This Quip Morrissey Or UKIP?

It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference…

them colouring books existential crises

This “colouring book for adults” has caused us to have an existential crisis

The book is available on Amazon, but we don’t recommend purchasing it if you enjoy being relatively happy

This page cut particularly deep…

…And this one

Oh god, what are we doing with our lives!?


hipsters vinyl them cleaning wood glue

Hipsters! It turns out the best way of cleaning your vinyl albums is to cover them with glue

Hey vinyl buffs, you ever thought about cleaning your records with wood glue? No, of course you f*cking haven’t. That would be completely insane, right?

Well actually, no. This is a method which gives your vinyl a REALLY deep clean - but you’ll need to have a bit of patience.

First take your record album and squeeze on the wood glue

Then smooth it out with a bit of cardboard, then leave to set overnight…

You’ll then have a crispy negative image of the record, with all the dirt stuck to it, which you can PEEL OFF with a satisfying flourish

There is a bit of science involved. The records are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and the glue is made of PVA (polyvinyl acetate) and helpfully they don’t interact or react with each other. So when the glue sets, it remains an entity on its own.

Watch the video here

Of course using this method there’s a greater chance of tunes really getting STUCK in your head. Pfft.

them commonweath games LGBTQ rights

In 42 out of 53 Commonwealth countries homosexuality is illegal, in 2 it is punishable by death

Happy Commonwealth Games everyone!

Here’s the full list of participating countries that criminalise homosexuality…

The 2 countries where it is punishable by death:

1. Brunei

2. Northern Nigeria

The 22 countries where it is punishable by imprisonment:

1. Cameroon

2. Ghana

3. Kenya

4. Mauritius

5. Southern Nigeria

6. Seychelles

7. Sierra Leone

8. Swaziland

9. Tanzania

10. Uganda

11. Zambia

12. Bangladesh

13. Malaysia

14. Pakistan

15. Antigua and Barbuda

16. Belize

17. Dominica

18. Grenada

19. Jamaica

20. Saint Kitts and Nevis

21. Saint Lucia

22. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The 18 countries where the law isn’t enforced:

1. Botswana

2. Malawi

3. Namibia

4. India

5. Maldives

6. Singapore

7. Sri Lanka

8. Cook Islands

9. Kiribati

10. Nauru

11. Papua New Guinea

12. Samoa

13. Solomon Islands

14. Tonga

15. Tuvalu

16. Barbados

17. Guyana

18. Trinidad and Tobago

And here’s a bonus photo of the Queen opening an event that sort of celebrates the fact the British Empire used to be a thing:

We’re kind of embarrassed that the Queen is still a thing, if we’re completely honest.

Them office bants

Farewell cake says “You’re Dead To Us Now” - presumably for an office party full of bants

Spotted and snapped by merry tweeter @AlistairJ90, we’re guessing the cake was on it’s way to a deeply ironic party.

Here’s a close-up

It’s a bit tricky, but can be made out under the layers of clingfilm

"Thanks. You can piss off now, yeah?"