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them stamps

Tom of Finland, the iconic star of gay erotic art, is now on stamps!

Soon the lucky people of Finland will be able to affix these pert buttocks to their mail:

The stamps showcase the “confident and proud homoeroticism” of icon of gay pornographic illustration Tom of Finland, drawn by the late artist Tuoko Laaksonen

The release of the stamps will coincides with an exhibition of Laaksonen’s work at Finland’s new Postal Museum

Via Posti and The Huffington Post

them planes rudeness

Last night, US Airways tweeted an extraordinarily graphic pornographic image

US Airways social media team has found itself in a bit of bother, after managing to respond to customers on Twitter with an image that… well…

What you’re looking at is a heavily-pixellated photograph of a woman masturbating with a model plane. And it’s too pornographic for us to post it with the pixels any smaller.

Oh, and they managed to tweet it not once but twice! Also to love: the polite little invitation to “provide feedback to the Customer Relations Team”.

Here’s a mock up of the awful picture:

More detail? Obviously we can’t really show you it but here’s a pretty butterfly:

And here’s another mock up of this terrible, terrible visual event:

US Airlines apologised with what may be the understatement of the decade:

How did this happen?

Probably a cut and paste error. Somebody tweeted the image at @USAirways earlier in the evening and the unfortunate account manager thoughtlessly pasted it into the wrong tweet. We’ll be charitable and assume they were reported the image and not just forwarding it on to all their friends.

Still want to see what all the fuss is about?

Here’s that plane-sturbation image in its full NSFW glory. Needless to say

them internet 2000s dotcomedy

What was the internet like in the year 2000? It’s hard to remember after so many years of gin, so we took a refresher course, courtesy of DotComedy

Ah, Space Year 2000, the dawn of the internet. Dial-up modems, AltaVista, BonziBuddy pop-ups… other stuff?

We travelled back in internet time and watched an episode of Channel 4’s flagship internet show, DotComedy.

If you don’t remember it, DotComedy was a late-night Channel 4 show that dug through the depths of this exciting new thing called the internet, and attempted to turn what it found into something approximating entertaining television.

So, what did we learn?

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