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them the office stares emotions my emotions my emotions

Someone’s found the secret of all human emotion in cult sitcom The Office

Joe Sabia spent a year and a half watching every episode of the American version of The Office

He documented every stare that occurs in the series and the emotion that caused it, in The Office Stare Machine.

There are funny stares

Surprised stares

And devious stares

In total, he documented 706 different stares - if you manage to watch them all there’s apparently a special, secret surprise.

The project is actually a spin-off, of The Office Time Machine

Which cataloged over 1,300 historical references in the series, and allows you to browse them by year.

What aspects of the human condition weren’t captured in the 201 episodes of The Office US?

Well, as George Orwell said, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine David Brent dancing on a human face, forever.”

them pathé 1950s internet

British Pathé has loaded its vintage footage onto YouTube and the result is, frankly, amazing

Thanks to the mass upload, British Pathé’s YouTube page now consists of over 80,000 videos spanning almost a century, from 1896 to 1970. There’s hours of footage of such momentous occasions as the Chernobyl disaster, the cancellation of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, HD footage of the first moon landing and the Beatles arriving in New York in 1964.

Of course, there’s also a lot of… more PECULIAR things to see as well, including this, “the world’s first mobile phone” from 1922:

That umbrella? THE AERIAL. That bollard? THE POWER SOURCE.

We feel the 1932 Dynasphere should definitely have been the future of personal travel

The astonishing robot “George” from 1950 is a delight

There’s over 3,500 hours of material, from an underwater wedding to the abdication of Tsar Nicholas in 1917, over on their YouTube page.

That’s Easter’s internetting sorted then.

them wine

Guerrilla wine descriptions, coming to a supermarket near you (probably)

These witty, unofficial supermarket wine descriptions are the work of self-described “gonzo design cowboys” id-iom. Much more exciting than the mundane labels they replace, apparently one example lasted a whole fortnight before being spotted by staff.

As soon as we get out of work, we’re heading to our local Sainsbury’s to try this ourselves.


Oooh, sounds classy!


Wine and biscuit pairing guides should *definitely* be an actual thing.


Mmmm, sounds tasty…


Presumably this was Roald Dahl’s favourite.

Thinking of making some guerrilla labels of your own? Send the photos to hello@usvsth3m.com

Via id-iom