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them willo the wisp kid's tv

Here’s one treasured childhood memory they managed to remake without pissing all over!

Willo The Wisp!

Yes, in 2005 Bobbie Spargo (son of Nick Spargo, who made the original series) remade Willo The Wisp, with James Dreyfus doing the voices.

We know that sounds awful but, apart from a sightly wonky caricature of James Dreyfus as Willo, it’s surprisingly good…

The best part? Evil Edna is flat screen!

And in the opening episode she gets access to 100 new satellite channels. Which she calls “A hundred new ways to be evil!” before turning all of the rest of the inhabitants of Doyley Wood into actual couch potatoes.

See for yourself!

them tube challenges running

Are you faster than the London Underground? This guy decided to find out

He managed to get off a train at Mansion House station, sprint to Cannon Street (next station down the line) and get on to *the same train* before it departed

That’s platform to platform in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds!

There aren’t many places on the tube network where this is

But Mansion House and Cannon Street stations are *very* close together, and not on one of the deep lines (where just the time taken from getting from the surface to the platform would most likely make this impossible).

He and a friend also succeeded in a longer challenge

Here they are beating a Circle Line train from Moorgate to St James’ Park - normally a 19 minute tube journey.

And here’s someone doing the French equivalent, on the Paris Metro

Insane tube runners, we salute you! We feel exhausted just watching your videos!

them coventry ring roads

Coventry is having a massive, massive week!

It’s nearly 40 years since Coventry Ring Road opened - Friday is the A4053’s birthday!

Image: dorvak

Here’s their first AMAZING FACT:

But Twitter just couldn’t wait, so has been “helping” out with some EXTRA BONUS “FACTS” - here are 5 of our favourites, and some pictures of the Ring Road under construction!






Here’s to 40 more years of Coventry Ring Road!

COVENTRY RING ROAD UPDATE: BBC Conventry & Warwickshire have recorded a special song about the Ring Road!

us scottishland indyref bettertogether

8 reasons to oppose Scottish independence

1. Scotland provided our best James Bond

Pearce Brosnand is, in everyone’s minds, the best Bond there was, and when Scotland goes, so do all our ties to him. So let’s say Never Say Never Say Never Again to independence!

2. We love Scottish whiskey!

Whiskey gets its name from the Gaelic “uisgebach”, which means, literally, “water of the bladder”. If we lose our cheap supplies of Scotland’s national drink, we’ll be reduced to drinking English drinks like Pernod and J2O.

3. Guinness

Guinness, or “the amber nectar” as it is known in Scotland, has unique health-giving properties. Without it what will we have to turn our stools black? Unblackened stools? No, thanks!

4. The stunning countryside

Scotland is known for its wild fens, and mountains like Scaffell Pike. Its beauty is unsurpassed, with great lakes and peaks, which are found in its Lake District and Peak District. Seriously, guys are we really ready to lose all that?

5. Scot television

Like it or not (and we do like it), Scotland makes great telly, from Macgyver to Highlander. Let’s not forget, they were responsible for bringing Robert Carlyle to prominence with Ballykissangel, and anyone who doesn’t think Mrs Brown’s Boys is the funniest thing ever televised must have something seriously wrong with their brains. If they even have brains.

6. St David’s Day

With its shamrocks and lavabread, everyone loves St David’s Day, the day when St David drove the snakes out of Scotland. Let’s not let them do the same to us! Most of us are not even snakes!

7. The music of U2

Actually, they’re shit. You can keep them.

So, come on Scotland, get it together! Better together! No thanks!

them books cover

This book cover is so dull that looking at it for too long will make you forget your own name

Now, we’re not going to judge, but…

Sequel: “Eat it or no more pudding for a month.”

us julian assange

Is Julian Assange turning into a supervillain?

No, really, think about it. He’s mainly seen by video link up…

From his heavily fortified lair (the Ecuadorian embassy)…

He uses his genius intellect…

To create fantastic devices…

That he uses to destabilise governments…

With his army of faceless henchmen.

See? See?