Can you guess who these politicians are from their younger, cooler selves?

The hashtag #youngpoliticians started by @SturdyAlex yesterday showed us that today’s MPs and ministers once (mostly) looked like normal human beings, but can you guess who they are?


We’re pleasantly surprised by the long, flowing hair, yet terrified at how empty his eyes look.


The ginger hair just gives him away, doesn’t it?


Big hair, choker necklace: she could have easily started an alternative career as a glamorous witch.


Is he… is he wearing eye-liner?


Quite an easy one, considering that his face hasn’t actually changed since then.


You can already see the look of betrayal in his still-innocent eyes.


This is actually really cute.


Excellent facial hair – very much a young Sheriff of Nottingham.


Likes: headwear. Dislikes: Romanians & Bulgarians.


Back when he looked like a moody dandy, instead of a grumpy old man.


Looking like a particularly melancholic 1980’s New Romantic singer here.


Very decent 1970’s French philosopher look. Two thumbs up.


He hasn’t changed either, which makes sense when you consider the fact that he’s almost certainly not human.


“God I love being on a gap yah, just chilling in my sarong.”

From top to bottom:

  1. George Osborne
  2. Danny Alexander
  3. Ann Widdecombe
  4. Alex Salmond
  5. Boris Johnson
  6. Nick Clegg
  7. David Lammy
  8. Peter Mandelson
  9. Keith Vaz
  10. Gordon Brown
  11. Michael Heseltine
  12. Alistair Darling
  13. Michael Gove
  14. David Cameron

How many did you get? And more importantly, how many did you think were sort of attractive before you realised who they were?

More sexy, young politicians via the magic of the #youngpoliticians hashtag.

Important update:

There’s one of Jacob Rees-Mogg as well. How could we possibly forget Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Oh, Jacob.

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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