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8 unsettlingly weird tattoo/face swaps that will make you laugh out loud, and then haunt your nightmares

Inspired by this fantastically odd creation we found on the internet:

We decided to do some tattoo/face swaps of our own.

1. This is some serious Benjamin Button shit

That look in her eyes says she’s just biding her time until her teeth come in…

2. A fitting tribute to man’s best friend?

Percy does not look particularly happy.

3. This grotesque ‘photorealistic’ artwork was the result of a drunken bet

This is the guy it’s supposed to be a portrait of:

We happen to actually know these chaps. The bloke with the tat lost a bet to the grinning chap pictured above, but neither of them remember what it was actually about.

4. The teeth are a particular highlight here

You know how rats can gnaw through basically anything? Well, we’re just saying…

5. See how the artist really captured his subject’s youthful beauty

Her cold, unblinking eyes. Her idiosyncratic head shape.

The much-less-creepy original photo which inspired this piece:

6. Look how sad it looks - it was supposed to be a mountain lion. We think.

It knows that it’s a freakish atrocity against nature.

7. It’s like a living doll

A terrifying, soulless, shiny plastic monster.

8. Probably a bear, but who really knows?

Whatever it is, it’s watching you.