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them iconic albums

5 iconic album covers rendered in 12 pixel square bitmaps

Albumartifact describes itself as ‘12” album art in a 12x12 pixel canvas. A study of iconography & minimalism.’

1. Massive Attack

2. Metallica

3. Captain Beefheart

4. Velvet Underground

5. Sgt. Pepper

Can we reproduce this?

Whilst putting this page together we wondered if we could have a go doing similar. Maybe it’s just as simple as resizing classic albums in Photoshop, then posterising the colours? Will that work? Let’s give it a go.

Screamadelica success

Kraftwerk fail

Conclusion: might be able to cheat if album cover is very bold and mostly flat colour.

More at albumartifact.

  • 11:35am Oct 15, 2013
  • 2 notes