9 fascinating and nostalgic photos of people using computers in the 1980s from The Mirror archives

1. Newcastle United manager Jack Charlton playing on a computer game in November 1984

2. National Space Invaders Championships 1981. A row of young enthusiasts playing to win.

3. Computer crazy schoolboys Andy Stoneman Luke Youll John Shaw David Graham and Steven Iveson of Slatyford Comprehensive School 1981

4. Teacher Heather Sedgwick and her band of happy pupils at Knoplaw First School Chapel House Newcastle were voted top class in a national competition in 1988. First prize was a computer printer

5. Linda Muse 16 at Longbenton High School in Newcastle is one of 130 pupils taking the computer course at the school in 1981

6. The mother of one of the pupils at Benfield Road School Newcastle in 1980 offered half the cost of a computer if the school raised the rest. In the picture Benfield pupils are shown how a computer works by Austin McNamara of Preston High School

7. Schoolchildren at the computer at Combo First School near Morpeth in 1983 are left to right Michael Aynsley Becky Rostron Tom Anderson Tracey Telfer Eleanor Aynsley Sorrel Peckham (at the keyboard) and Leonie Henderson.

8. Pupils at Gosforth Central Middle School so impressed organisers at an exhibition that they donated a computer to the school in 1983

9. And finally… Youths play on a Space Invaders machine in Newcastle in December 1980

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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