The Tory policy on single mothers is… literally nonsense?

The Conservatives care deeply about single mothers. Not quite enough to write any actual words in the policy on their website, though.

Quick, quick, go have a look before they notice and take it down.

(Well spotted by @belovedsanspoof)

Wondering what the nonsense text is?

It’s called Lorem ipsum and is placeholder text used by web developers to demonstrate page design before the real words are put into place. Publishing these lumps of Latin has little significance in itself, other than to demonstrate a lack of care, which crucially mirrors the contempt the current Government shows on a daily basis.

Generate your own new Tory policies, sorry, Lorem ipsum here.

Update! It took the Tories a good 12 hours to take this down. It’s now 404ing

So the official Tory policy on single mums has gone from being nonsense to not existing. Er…

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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