Morrissey reviewing singles in Smash Hits from 1984 is fantastic

In 1984 the editors of the legendary pop music magazine invited Morrissey in to review the singles. He did a fantastic job. Quotable, bitchy and concise. It’s like Morrissey invented Twitter in 1984.

Here’s our six highlights:

1. Morrissey confesses surprising love for Duran Duran

Mischievously suggesting that Duran Duran shouldn’t make a video for possibly their most famous video ever.

2. Calls Prince a “romping travesty”

3. Coins the word “Whamsicle”, a portmanteau between whimsical and the pop group Wham!

4. Oh so bitchy about the forgotten group Modern Romance

5. Demands Status Quo be shot

6. Pleads that Ultravox start some sort of class war

Read it in full, every bit of this is a delight

…and as a bonus item: a Spotify playlist of all the tracks reviewed

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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