Dapper Laughs accuses UsVsTh3m of stopping him raising money for charity

This morning we received this extraordinary message

Yes, Dapper Laughs thinks our review is hurting homeless people.

Dapper Laughs is obviously just a fool, but the idea that something is beyond reproach if it is fundraising is widespread and ridiculous.

Also we’re not convinced that sticking an album on Spotify is a great way to raise money.

Let’s do maths!

Each stream earns about $0.007 per play. That’s less than half a penny – £0.004

This means, in the unlikely event, the general public listen to 10,000 Dapper Laughs songs – the cash raised would only be £40.


The editor of this website has just personally donated £14 to Shelter (£1 for every crap track on Dapper’s album) and we want you to do the same.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 09.56.32

Essentially, we listened to the album not once, but 250 times.

If you believe donating to Shelter directly is a better way of helping homeless people than listening to a tired, sexist and moronic LP, please do the same.

Why not donate £1 to Shelter for every track you don’t listen to from Dapper’s album?

Remember! Each time you don’t listen to Dapper’s album and donate £1, you’re contributing as much as 250 people listening to a track on Spotify!

Turn Dapper Laughs’ album into a force for good by not listening to any of it and donating anyway!

After all, it’s all about raising money, right, Dapper?

How many times will Dapper agree not to listen to his own album to raise cash for the destitute? Only time will tell…


(Other charities are also available. Why not think of donating to, say, Refuge, for example…)

And if you donate – please mention it in the comments in this post.

UPDATE: And we’ve had a reply from Dapper who is going big on the ‘it’s all for charity’ angle

Remember: Dapper has literally put out a song where he shouts at a ‘tramp’ “you smell like shit” because he wants to help homeless people

If you want to hear that – go to the end of track 12 – “leaving the pub with a tramp”

Screen-Shot-2014-11-05-at-13.41.12-600x332It’s at around 1:32 of the track ‘Rudolph and His Red Nose’ on Dapper Laughs’s charity album, Proper Naughty Christmas

When we pointed out that this might be a little hypocritical, and call into doubt how genuine Mr Laughs is in his desire to make life better for homeless people, he responded angrily.

So it’s all just bants and comedy?

UPDATE: Shelter are now refusing to take Dapper’s money. PLEASE DONATE DIRECTLY





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