A Netflix app is glitching and creating weird new films we wish were real

A bug in one of Netflix’s apps is accidentally mashing up the plot summaries of different movies and TV shows

@SummaryBug has been capturing the weirdest results: here are our favourites.

At last, the Lifetime/SyFy crossover we’ve all been waiting for!

(James Patterson’s Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas/River Monsters)

We know that Disney cartoons took some liberties with their source material but…

(The Hunchback of Notre-Dame/Walking With Dinosaurs)

# Star Trekkin’, across the universe, slagging off your mum and stealing your nan’s purse #

(Star Trek: The Next Generation/The League)

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. Please fill in form 71B/2 and 2 forms of ID to enter.

(The Twilight Zone/Parks & Recreation)

Well, it couldn’t be worse than The Amazing Spider-Man 2

(The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema/Spider-Man)

Please make this real, Zizek!

Oh, suit yourself.

Follow @SummaryBug for more accidental lunacy, and pray that Netflix never fixes the bug

Update: Netflix just told us they have officially squashed this entertaining bug. Boo :(


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