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them not all men reverse sexism sloths

"Not ALL men" is the feminist in-joke so popular it’s now got its own Tumblr

Anyone who has ever discussed misogyny on the internet will be all too familiar with the uninvited contributions of defensive men. “Not all men!” they cry, outraged at any perceived slur against their gender. “Most men are good guys, you’re just not giving us a chance!”

"Not ALL men" is such a popular catchphrase amongst anti-‘reverse sexism’ warriors that it’s been turned into a meme:

From Not All Men

Its use is a sure sign that a conversation about gender inequality is about to be completely derailed, because someone male needs it to be acknowledged that they personally are not awful.

Its prevalence has been mocked widely on Twitter:

Via @youngvulgarian

Via @ThatSabineGirl

The issue has perhaps been summed up best by webcomic Listen To Me:

By Matt Lubchansky

So we thought, why not have a go ourselves?

This sloth just will NOT tolerate reverse sexism.

  • 2:43pm Apr 14, 2014
  • 33 notes