Hate your kids? Take them to some of the world’s crappest playgrounds

You know what’s really overrated? Children. Children are really overrated.

They’re tiny, noisy, a bit useless, and they get to have all the fun.

The solution? Put them back in their place. Make them go on one of these, frankly, incredible slides.

Admire the way they’ve cordoned off everything except the slide. Wouldn’t want anyone to fall into the pit accidentally.

We can pretty much guarantee they’ll never want to go on a slide again

You are only allowed 15% fun in this playground.

In fact, they may even become allergic to fun

Which is good because LIFE ISN’T MEANT TO BE FUN

It’s all vegetables and taxes and hangovers

Don’t let them down easy.

Grown ups can’t go on slides so neither should kids

Safety first.

And we’re definitely, DEFINITELY not saying that because we got told off for using a slide when we were drunk and feeling childish.

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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