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them art penises

Bloke draws a different comedy penis every day for 365 days. Here’s our top 6

It’s pretty straightforward: woman buys whiteboard, challenges husband to draw a different willy on it every day for a year, husband happily obliges.

Thus 365 Days Of Penises was born:

Can guess what’s pixellated out?

We understand that - sadly - not everyone wants to look at multiple drawing of dicks. But you should. You should definitely read on for our 6 favourites:

1. Cockzilla

2. Empire State Weiner

3. Paper Cock Scissors

4. Vincent Van Cock

5. The Birth of Penis

6. Zelda and the Cockarina of Time

Watch all 365 penis drawings in their full glory via YouTube magic:

  • 1:03pm Feb 25, 2014
  • 6 notes