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them phone accessories phone accessories that are also potentially lethal

From viral hoax to actual product: the slightly worrying success story of the stun gun iPhone case

In 2010, a company called Stun Fone started promoting an add-on device that could turn any iPhone into a (non lethal) weapon - and all for a mere $24.95.

Though the Youtube ad for it quickly went viral, it was eventually revealed that Stun Fone was a hoax, organised by ad agency Stun Creative.

The attention it got at the time did show that the market for a stun-smartphone could exist.

So, four years later, Yellow Jacket made this (somewhat questionable) dream come true:

The website helpfully tells us that Yellow Jacket will:

  1. Protect your device from cracks, breaks and drops
  2. Increase your battery life by up to one full charge
  3. Conveniently and discreetly conceal a 650,000 volt stun gun

We’re not sure we’d like to try this ourselves, but it still is a beautiful tale of how one company’s questionable hoax can become another’s slightly worrying reality.

A true capitalist fairytale.