The six hidden penises on the London Tube Map

Inspired by the ‘hidden animals of the Underground’ that some creative type drew over the Tube lines, we tried to find our own images in London Transport’s classic map.

London is a veritable fountain of spouting cocks!

1. St John’s Wood

2. The Mile End Bell-end

3. The Balham shaft

4. The Tooting horn

Here they all are together

What a majestic sight.

5. Here are some boobs and a willy

Notting Hill Gate and Tottenham Court Road shall forevermore be known as ‘London’s nipples’.

6. We also found the word “willy” – this can’t be an accident

BONUS! There’s also a “fuck Boris”. Yay!

This is definitely a subliminal message by London Transport’s disgruntled staff.

Have you noticed any of these Londong schlongs yourself? Let us know!

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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