16 creepy vintage Halloween costumes which will make you want to claw your face off in terror

Worst part: after you’ve dressed your kid up like this, you have to walk around with them, alone, after dark.

1. Three terrifying pig-children

2. We get the dancing bear and the bear tamer – but why is the child dressed as… a different child?

3. “Alas, poor Pumpkinhead. I knew him, Horatio”

4. Unsure on the safety aspect of tying a bag round your kid’s head

5. Still unexpectedly cute

6. One creepy old man, two rather phallic mushrooms

7. Junior meeting of the KKK

8. We can’t even begin to guess what’s going on here

9. What is the scary gnome going to do with all those kittens?!

10. The one on the right is a Hall of Mirrors Donald Duck

11. It’s our worst nightmare realised – giant mosquitoes have learned to ride bikes

12. Pippa tip: dress your children as dwarves who have suffered a house fire

13. Probably not the living doll Cliff Richard was singing about

14. Why not dress your children as swollen-headed elderly folk?

15. This family has dressed as Slipknot

16. Our best guess: Casper the Friendly Ghost after he’s been through a blender

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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