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them teaching history rules

11 oddly specific rules for being a teacher in 1915

Here’s a set of rules put in place by the Cabell County, West Virginia Board of Education in 1915, to ensure that all teachers behave in the correct, morally-impeccable manner.


The bars, casino and the pole-dancing club are fine. You gotta have some fun.


Even you, Mr Jones.


Or preferably both.


As we know, bright colours are dangerous because they attract the Vârcolac.


Remember when you were a kid and thought your teacher lived at school and existed in a state of suspended animation between lessons? That’s basically what these teachers did do.

Here’s the rest of the list:

But hey, on the other hand, they did get amazingly long summer holidays

Source: Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum

  • 12:29pm May 19, 2014
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