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Do you need entertainment? Then here’s all the UsVsTh3m toys and games in one post. Weekend solved.

We’ve made loads of toys and games, so a big list of them should keep you busy for quite some time.

Prefer something to read? Here’s our list of best UsVsTh3m listicles - yes, a list of lists.


Eurosong Generator! - Pick your performers, song and costumes to create your own entry!


What House Could You Buy In The Past? - Depress yourself by discovering how much easier your parents had it!

The GBBO Simulator - Are your baps firm enough for the Bake Off?

Halloween AvatARGH! - Get your social media avatar ready for Halloween!

Halloween Spooky Name Generator - We’ll spookify your name!

Homeopathic Battleship - Can you hit a battleship at homeopathic dilutions?

The Twitter Perspective Vortex - Find out how important you really are on social media!

How Porny Is Your Name? - We’ll find out how NSFW you are!

Card Clash - The Game - We’ve brought the 21st century’s biggest fight to life!

Connect One - A Game For Complete Winners!

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher - Change history by writing a short story that annoys people.

Ed Miliband Speech Simulator - Can YOU navigate the hotel and conference centre and give Ed Miliband’s speech?

UVT OddFood - Get ready for a crap British bake-off with our amazingly odd dessert generator!

You Shat On Pitch - Help Gary Lineker get to the toilet

How Skanky Are You? - No-one cares whether you’re posh or not, how gross are you?

Tube Runnings - Can you run faster than the Tube in our super commuting game?

Kick The Tories Out Of Scotland - Can you give Cameron the boot, literally?

iQueue - Quick, line up for the new Apple product!

Apple Watch Simulator - Open as many apps as you can before the battery runs out

How Old Is Your Hearing? - Find out the true age of your lugholes!

Whac-A-Gif - Whack anything you like! From Daleks to George Osborne!

How Clean Is Your Screen? - Can you tell our real dirt from your fake dirt?

The Scotchland Postcode Referendum - How do people near you feel about Scottish Independence?

Richard Dawkins’ Apology Generator - Help Dawko say sorry for his latest gaffe!

Working From Home Simulator - Can you actually get any work done?

What you look like as a Star Wars character? - Jedi Knight or Lord of the Dark Side?

Westminster Shredder - help the MP get rid of embarrassing files before a press leak!

Don’t Click Ian Botham’s Dick - Can you avoid ruining social media for yourself?

Around the World in 80 Million Clicks - Click to help power our skyboat around the world!

Pi: is the next digit higher or lower? - How far can you go?

Not-So-Super Bros. - Sometimes, out of the blue things can really get you down. So climb your way back into the sunshine!

What’s Your F*** YEAH! Movie Moment? - Find your very own life-affirming, punch-the-f***ing-air-in-the-cinema moment!

Slap George Osborne - See how much the world likes slapping the Chancellor!

George Osborne Can’t Do Simple Maths Under Presure - George can’t add 2+3, can you?

The Luis Suarez Biting Game - Drain as much blood as you can!

Which Genius Do You Sleep Like? - Our quiz matches you with a sleepy mind from history.

Who’s Your Inner Football God? - Showman, hard man or gentleman? Get matced with a soccer legend.

Who Should Your Second Team Be? - We’re all rooting for England, but maybe it’s time to pick a back-up

The Water Cannon Boris Johnson Game - soak Boris, avoid bystanders!

Gender Switch Your Name - What would your parents have called you if you were born the opposite gender?

OkUkipd - Take your chances on the worst dating site on earth.

Who Should You Vote For in the EU Elections 2014? - Baffled by the choices? Our quiz can help.

What Does Your PIN Number Say About You? - Our numerologically-accurate and non-sinister game will enlighten you.

The Internet Citizenship Test - Think you know about the 90s internet?

Who’s Your Celebrity Birthday Double? - Tell us when you were born and we’ll work it out!

What Ridiculous Food Day Is Your Birthday - Which ludicrous food represents your life?

Click The Panda - Click as many pandas as possible in 30 seconds, and learn some panda-related facts!

Find Your Kitten Lookalike - Six questions, and we’ll find your cute, feline double.

1000 Seconds - It’s a simple game. Just hold the button down.

How Fast Is Your Brain? - Can you answer the comprehension questions correctly as you’re forced to read faster & faster?

Brian’s Brain presents WROD - Are these words spelled correctly? The pressure is on!

Amateur Hacker Simulator - How many nerdy easter eggs can you find?

How Big & Clever Are You - Type as many swear words as you can in 60 seconds.

The Hivemind Experiment - Find out if you’re an independent thinker or in-tune with the hive mind.

The Toilet Etiquette Quiz - Are you a quitter at the shitter or a king of the throne?

The Realistic GCHQ Simulator - Experience the thrill of spying on everyone!

Which City Should You Live In? -  Our test will match you with your spiritual home.

Epic Manliness Test - Will you FIGHT a BEAR with your TEETH or HIDE behind POETRY about FLOWERS?

                                Flappy Pickles            - Eric Pickles. Floods. Flappy Bird. SATIRE!

How Facebook-Obsessed Are You? - Find out now!

Which 8-bit Computer Are You? - Spectrum, C64, BBC or Amstrad?

The Internet Proficiency Test - Should you even be allowed a WiFi connection?

Which Obscure Member Of A Britpop Band Are You? - Our scientific quiz will reveal all.

Guess the Single From the Cover - How good is your artwork-spotting knowledge?

Play your Carbs Right - We show you some common foods. Are the carbs higher or lower?

Play your House Prices Right - Work out, is the price higher or lower?

Who Is Your Inner Rock God? - Sex, drugs, or just rock ‘n’ lols? Match with a music legend.

The Parental Advisory Movie Quiz - Can you identify the film from the Parental Advice warnings given by the IMDb?

The Movie Code Quiz - Fancy programming from a movie, but what does it really do?

How long would you survive after the Apocalypse? - The world just ended. Good luck!

What’s Your Mental Age? - Are you young at heart or wise beyond your years?

The Tube Proficiency Test - Are you skilled enough to ride the Underground?

Granagotchi - Help Gran to survive the winter!

Can You Control Your Inner Pedant? - We show you some sentences. All you have to do is agree there’s nothing wrong with them.

Realistic Google+ Simulator - enjoy your time in the wilderness!

Spot the 90s Smash Hit - A playlist loaded with quality, but how many can you identify in 60 seconds?

Click The Colour And Not The Word - All you have to do: click the colour and not the word

Make your own UsVsTh3m Games & Quizzes

Make Your Own 2048 - Everyone’s playing the tile-merging puzzler and now you can easily make a version with your own jokes and pictures!

Personality Test - Make your own personality tests with our tool

Fight! - Settle all of your arguments, scientifically!

Who tweeted? - Type in two twitter account names and make an instant quiz

The One Word Wordsearch - Make your own REALLY DIFFICULT word search and confound your friends

The Hobbit Sequel Name Maker - Make your own hobbit poster

Giftris - Design your own custom version of Tetris using animated GIFs!

New £1 Coin Designer - Upload a picture of your face. We’ll put you on the new £1!


Sainsbury’s Basics Product Blurb Quiz - Match the Sainsbury’s Basics product to its gently passive-aggressive description.

Pollocks or Bollocks - Are these squiggles the work of Abstract Expressionist genius Jackson Pollock, or the worthless daubings of other, random people?

Am I Hoth or Not? - This quiz only exists because of a bad pun that made us giggle. Enjoy.

Diet Tip or Total Bollocks? - Which is a bonafide weight loss tip, and which is the delicious lie?

Retro Tape Quiz - to celebrate the 50th birthday of the cassette tape, here’s a quiz about whether you can identify the brands.

Stock Photography Keyword Challenge - can you guess what keywords produced these ridiculous stock images?

Name Those Sega Pixels - iconic people rendered in 1990s 16 bit pixels. Can you identify them?

Are You A GIF Prediction Genius? - can you guess what happens next in these classic gifs?

Guess the City - can you work out which city it is, from looking at the population map?

The Google Autocomplete Quiz - because Google says rude things that amuse us.

Cat Reading Quiz - Can you tell what these cats are trying to say, from their body language?

Whose Stunt Double Am I? - worth it for the Status Quo image alone.

Guess the Clickbait - Can you guess the all-important words left out of these teasing news tweets?

How Much is the Price of Milk - Have you totally lost touch with the cost of everyday life?

Is This Art Priceless Or Worthless? - Can you tell a priceless masterpiece from a load of old tat?

The YouTube Top Comment Quiz - YouTube gets a lot of hate for the awful comments. We’ve picked best & them turned into a quiz.

Sex Toy or Beauty Product? - Are these peculiar products for your face or for… another place?


2048: Doctor Who Edition - The super-addictive game taking the internet by storm, with added Doctors.

What’s The Theme Tune Of Your Life? - It’s the song that was #1 on your 14th birthday.

"How Well Do You Know Me?" - Make a custom quiz about the most important topic of all, you!

The North-o-Meter - rate your position in England with our almost uncannily-accurate test.

How Much Does the Daily Mail Hate YOU? - Where do you fit in the Daily Mail’s world view?

Are You Down With the Kids? - We’ll rate you against everyone else your age.

Who Would Play You In A Movie? - Our test will match you with a Hollywood A-Lister.

How Leftie Are You? - The quiz where full marks gets you Karl Marx.

How Middle Class Are You? - Placing you on the spectrum of British class obsession.

Richard Dawkins Honey Defender - save the honey or the terrorists win!

Daily Mail or Stormfront - Some upvoted Mail Online comments, some neo-Nazi comments. Play spot the difference.

You Can’t Do Simple Maths Under Pressure - our early big hit.

You Can’t Write Proper English Under Pressure - the wordy sequel to our early big hit.

Crapper Mapper - We show you 10 toilets from around the world. Where are they from?

Redesign iOS7 - because every other designer has had a go.

How Geeky Are You? - a nerd-slanted personality quiz.

Super Tory Boy - Crush workshy peasants, privatise services, rake in the donations, play Super Tory Boy.

Ed Balls Teaches Typing - very much a Twitter in-joke, but quite playable.

The One Second Stopwatch game - nostalgic for our Casio watch, we made a game.

"All Work and No Play" Typewritten Letter Generator - our tribute to the late, great Stanley Kubrick.

Guess the Autocomplete - can you out-think the Google hive mind?

Petrol Pump Game - try to hit £20 exactly in our wonderfully frustrating Petrol Pump Game

Sicktionary - Audio Quiz - play with your eyes shut and your fingers on the keyboard.

You Can’t Do Binary Under Pressure - we can’t, well most of our team can’t.

Don’t Shoot Your Friends - an evil Twitter game, with consequences!

Count the Kittens - quickly count the number of cats.

6 Lines of JavaScript That Write Doctor Who Plots Indistinguishable From the Current Series - yay, people like Sci-Fi.

Icefail - a parody of big media blockbuster CSS woo.


Does Fox News hate you? - A US update of one of our more popular things.

The British Accent Quiz - Can you tell where these people are from just by their accent?

Life Battery - If you were a laptop, what your battery indicator look like?

Donald Trump Proportionate Price Calculator - Find out how cheap your last major purchase would have felt to the preposterously-coiffured tycoon.

Are You On Santa’s Naughty List? - Work out whether you’re getting coal for Christmas.

Amazon Drone Vs The Taxman - Fly the drone and avoid tax!

Are You An X-Factor Winner? - How far would you get before being booted?

Where the Hell is Hull? - Locate the City of Culture 2017, before you can mock it.

Boris Johnson’s Bike Safety Test - Do you have a tiny Boris Johnson living inside your brain right now?

McBusted or McOther - Busted and McFly just merged into one mega-band - but can you tell them apart? - drag the sliders for an instant quote.

Neverending Tory - hard-hitting political satire indeed.

Realistic Movember Simulator - prepare for your itchy, itchy month with our new simulator.

Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Listening Party - an endurance tribute. Listening to anything less than all of it is disrespectful.

George Osborne’s Austerity Ninja - Grab cash, slash public services - but not your friends!

Aliens, Predator or Robocop? - Can you tell, from the cheesy dialogue? (Play it with sound on)

Tweetotal - Generate and decipher your own, garbled drunk-tweets without booze.

Donna Summer’s Disco Sausage Quiz - Face the Sausage’s quickfire questions about both disco and preserved meats.

British Gas Bill Simulator - BG is putting its prices up again. Find out how it’ll affect you with our unofficial online calculator.

Paris? Where the Hell is Paris? - Test your geography skills against the world. Can you pin down where the capital cities are?

Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator - How long can you outwit Facebook’s crazy privacy controls?

Where’s Damascus? (Don’t Ask Us) - The US are probably about to bomb it. Do you know where it is?

Iain Duncan Smith’s Realistic Unemployment Simulator - Want a glimpse of the nation’s happy, workfare future?

London or Luxury? - Ten London houses. Ten ridiculous luxuries. Which costs more?

Owen Paterson’s Badger Penalty Shootout - Poor Owen Paterson can’t get anything done because badgers keep moving the goalposts.

Daily Mail Lorem Ipsum Generator - Why use plain old dummy text, when you can have our specially-brewed, premium-filtered bile?

You Can’t Javascript Under Pressure - How fast can you write javascript? Can you write javascript at all?

Jaws: The Text Adventure - C’mon! You get to play the SHARK! Who doesn’t want to be a shark?

Scot or Not? - Can you tell if these beautiful StreetView locations are… Scot or not?

You Can’t Do 80s Pop Trivia Under Pressure - Band names, lyrics, massive synths: Would your pop trivia knowledge be acceptable in the 80s?

How Much Is That House? - Ten homes on Google StreetView. How much did they sell for?

Locate the London Location - We’ll drop you into 10 places in London using Google StreetView. All you have to do is answer: where am I?

The North of Watford quiz - Ten StreetView locations, north of Watford Gap. Which city are you looking at?

Daily Mail Spitfire Flypast - yay The Daily Mail, our favourite newspaper.

How Footie Mad Are You? - Bitey, squirrel-faced Luis Suarez is mad for football - but how mad are YOU?

You’re it! - an attempt to bring the playground game to the Twitter age.

In Which Order Would You Do Them? - genuinely revolting idea.

The Realistic Celebrity Twitter Account Simulator - Harry Styles Whac-A-Troll

The Infinite Ed Miliband Slash Fiction Generator - again a revolting idea.

The Homophobatron - based on the nasty things politicians say.

Realistic Newspaper Comment Simulator - because some of those comments are a bit dumb.

Guess the TV show from the international remake - How many overseas versions of TV shows can you recognise as we channel-hop through 30 seconds of YouTube footage?

Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? - Are you brainier than Stephen Fry, or dafter than Joey Essex?

Can you Spot the Northampton Clown? - Northampton is currently being haunted by a sinister clown - track him down.

You Can’t Do Geography Under Pressure - flags, countries, capitals, you know the score.

Dress the Royal Baby! - Yay Prince George! We’re such royalists.

A Game of Thronesbook - a Facebook-oriented toy.

Vine Paint - our first go at this. Not many people liked it but, hey, it got us started.

The Realistic Brazil 2014 Game - Can you get one, or more, past the Brazilian defence?

The Capital Quiz - Where do you think these cities are?

Who’s Your Celebrity A-Level Twin - Find your famous exam-a-like!

Speculative Xbox One & PS4 Headline Generator - Make your own console news!

Are you destined to die alone and be eaten by cats? - Find out!

Goatsynth is the leading goat-based synthesiser - Get goating!

Can you hang… abstract art?

How many times can you click in 3 seconds? - Race the internet!

Is the NSA bugging you? - The answer may not surprise you!

The Movies Of Your Childhood - What were the big movies on your birthday?

Play Your Salaries Right - Can you work out who gets paid higher or lower?

The Scot-o-Meter - Are you a True Scot?

The Scot-o-Meter 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

Slap Vladmir Putin! - Because he’s been very bad

Slap Michael Gove! - Teach him a lesson

The Robin Williams Soundboard - Na-nu! Na-nu!

Spot The Tory - Can you guess the party an MP belongs to just by looking at their face?

The Cabinet Reshuffle Game - Time to shuffle up some government faces!

What’s Your Military Abbreviation? - What does the military think you are?

Which Wikipedia Article is longer? - How full of nonsense is this thing?

Who Were You in Your Past Life? - Which celebrity soul entered you as you were born?

Wikity Blank - How fast can you guess what these Wikipedia pages are about?

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