Are these the dirtiest computer games rooms you’ve ever seen? Horrible. Utterly horrible.

Imgur has a collection of strange, squalid cocoons that game enthusiasts have built around themselves, from the materials available, like the shells of caddis fly larva.

Feast your fill, my friends, for tomorrow we ride on Mordor!

There really is a sense of indulgence in life’s finer things. Booze, cigarettes… urine? Collectible Halo figurines?

A veritable dragon’s hoard

…of cola bottles, half dried-out noodles and c.1980s Marvel Comics-themed drapes. To be fair, we’ve all lived in places like this, except that our mums forced us to clean up occasionally.

Food on the floor

Or is it food on the bed? Is that a rug? Also, fruit juice cartons, doll boxes, puppets, underwear, Wacom tablet and half-completed comic-book pages.

“I have to get on top of this paperwork. At some point.”

The pizza boxes full of invoices are a nice touch, as are the motivational posters on the walls. Perhaps too nice – is this a photoshoot for hoarders?

Zen-like simplicity

So clutter-free. A mattress, a computer, headphones and a torch. It’s like a sensory deprivation tank with mildew. Somehow, worse than clutter.

Check out the rest – which frankly look like crack dens – on Imgur.

BTW: This was inspired by an article about the games room at Kyoto University, which dates from 1913. It’s well worth a look on its own merits.

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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