British Jaegers: what if Pacific Rim was set in the UK?

In the current robots-punching-monsters movie Pacific Rim, the giant monster-fighting robots – or “Jaegers” – all have evocative two-word names. For example, the lead Jaeger is called “Gipsy Danger” (which sounds a bit Daily Mail). Others are called things like “Tacit Ronin”, “Crimson Typhoon” or “Matador Fury”.

Naturally, Twitter wondered what the film would have been like if it was set in Britain.

And helpfully, Warner Bros had created a build-your-own-Jaeger toy that let everybody visualise it:










And the winner:




See lots more on the #BritishJaegers hashtag. We can’t wait for Pacific Rim II: English Channel now

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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