16 behind the scenes secrets about “Ed Balls Teaches Typing”

We’ve noticed a trend these days, that if you have an exciting scoop or interesting article on the internet, you have to do a “behind-the-scenes here is how we made it” blog post to go with it. We love following trends. Here are 16 behind the scenes secrets about our “Ed Balls Teaches Typing” toy.

1. Rob designed it all whilst sitting on the DLR.

2. Hidden in the source code is an ASCII art Ed Balls.

3. It ruined these people’s days…

4. The fanfare when you complete typing “Ed Balls” is a sound last heard on Windows 3.1. Brilliantly, it took us ages to get it working in Internet Explorer.

5. Some people see conspiracy everywhere.

6. Every variable in the JavaScript is a variation on Ed Balls.

7. Bad people cheated.

You can score really good times by having ‘d balls’ ready to cut and paste after you’ve typed the initial ‘E’.

8. This is how Tom set the ratings system.

9. We don’t think Ed Balls has used it.

But we did get 83 visits to it from computers identifying themselves as being situated in the Houses of Parliament

10. All of the CSS classes are a reference to Ed Balls. Including <div id=”balls-holder”>.

11. Children set dismal times. And their caring parents shared them.

12. Every time someone types “Ed Balls”, it registers the event “Ed Balls” in the “Ed Balls” category of our analytics.

13. Some people tweeted every time they touched it.

14. The very first prototype design of UsVsTh3m featured almost nothing but Ed Balls jokes.

15. It prompted cross-party declarations of love.

16. Ed Balls has been typed 267840 times so far, the equivalent of 1 man typing 1 Ed Ball per second for 3.1 days.

Assuming anyone who was likely to do that would be making minimum wage, we think “Ed Balls Teaches Typing” may have cost the UK economy as much as £451.99.

Play “Ed Balls Teaches Typing

by UsVsTh3m Staff

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