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them zeppelins hindenburg history

Look how pretty the Hindenburg was!

The two Hindenburg airships built by the Zeppelin Company in the 1930s remain the largest aircraft ever to fly, although they’re famous now for… other reasons

Before its sad and infamous destruction in 1937, the LZ 129 was effectively the QEII of the skies - a pretty fancy ride, in other words, with a crew of up to 40 people for between 50-72 passengers and interiors like these:

We particularly like the wallpaper and the dinky little glasses:

Here’s the dining area:

This might seem a little bit familiar

Well, if you’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, anyway:

(Here’s that clip with the amazing one-liner):

That interior’s clearly a nod to the Hindenburgs, although it’s not a Hindenburg-class ship in the movie, being too small.

There are more colour photographs over at The Retronaut, which are awesome, and well worth browsing.

us tesco spaghetti phones

Buyer’s Guide: iPhone VS tin of Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti

Tesco has just announced that it’s launching its own-brand Android smartphone

The supermarket’s attempt at a budget-level tablet, the Hudl, has clearly been enough of a success to prompt further expansion into the mobile device market.

We’re really curious to see how Tesco’s smartphone will match up to what’s already on the market

So we decided to do a comparison between the ‘gold standard’ of smartphones, the iPhone, and an existing Tesco product: a can of Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti

How did they measure up?

Reception and call quality

Whilst on a technical level, the Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti is a can of spaghetti and so can’t receive or make phone calls of any quality, we don’t really like taking phone calls as they’re often from people we don’t want to talk to, such as the bank or someone we’re related to, so we’d say this is better than an iPhone.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti


The Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti doesn’t have a display as such, but it does come with nice bright colours as standard. It’s harder to change the ‘wallpaper’ than it is on an iPhone, but it is still possible.

For instance, we changed the wallpaper on our Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti to be a picture of Clara, from Doctor Who. When you eat the spaghetti you could look at the picture and imagine you were sharing it with Clara, from Doctor Who.

Winner: Tesco Value Spaghetti

Battery life

No contest here. Whilst we got about 9 hours of use out of the iPhone, so far as we could tell the can of Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti still hasn’t required any kind of charge.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti


While the iPhone’s 8 megapixel camera is certainly up there with some of the best smartphone offerings, we think the creative limitations of the Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti should, in fact, be taken as a positive - instead of taking a photo, take the time to capture those special memories through the medium of spaghetti.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti

Ease of use

You might think this is a no brainer - even though Apple products have a reputation for usability, how much more intuitive can you get than a can of spaghetti? But one thing lets down the can: as a cost-cutting measure Tesco have eliminated the ring pull feature so you will require a separate can-opener.

This is definitely something we hope Tesco will address in a future hardware update.

Winner: iPhone

Design and form factor

In this category the iPhone has a definite advantage - not only is it much lighter, at just 112g (compared to 410g for a can of Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti), the design is much more suited to being carried in a pocket or small bag.

Winner: iPhone

Media support

The iPhone doesn’t carry any support for memory cards, so it’s important to choose a model with a capacity appropriate for your needs.

The can of Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti, on the other hand, comes full of spaghetti, but once you’ve eaten the spaghetti, we suppose you could fill it with something else. BE CAREFUL as the empty tin may now have sharp edges.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti


As the Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti contains no easily smash-able glass components, so we’re going to have to give it the edge here: plus, if the casing is damaged, you can always eat the delicious spaghetti contained within.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti

NB: DO NOT attempt to eat the insides of an iPhone as they will probably make you poorly.


Apple has a very well-established ecosystem of high-quality apps and accessories. The Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti can be used with any 3rd party app or accessory (e.g. toast, meatballs, a bowl) with almost no restrictions, beyond basic food hygiene. Again, no contest.

Winner: Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti


After weighing up all the pros and cons of both units, we’d have to come down on the side of the Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti - at 20p, with no contract, there’s just no way the iPhone can offer anything like the same value proposition.

Unless you need a phone rather than a can of spaghetti. Then you should probably get a phone

them mat russia swearing

Hands up which Russian leader just banned swear words in “pop culture”? You’ve got THREE GUESSES


From the 1st July certain vulgar words are banned from Russian movies, the stage and concerts

The Institute of Russian Language at the Russian Academy of Sciences has banned four words from the ultra-sweary Mat. Mat is the term for the strongest and most offensive naughty words you can get in Russian (although they’re quite commonplace).

They’ve banned ebat (to fuck), khuy (cock), blyad (whore) and pizda (cunt).

(Sorry, we just couldn’t contain ourselves.)

The law that’s just been signed into being - which strengthens similar 2003 legislation curtailing bad language - is punishable by a hefty fine, and any films or books with such swearing would have to be sold in packaging carrying warnings of strong language.

Apparently it’s aimed at “pop culture” instead of art - though where does that boundary actually lie these days?

Perhaps this is a good time to quote some classic poetry by that proud Russian poet Pushkin:

“Man, fuck it! Just haul ass!”

From Poems In Translation

Mat is scandalous language, it’s true, but as everyone knows, banning something is basically giving the words even more power to shock and appall

We’re with Prince on this one.

Via The New Yorker, The Guardian and The Moscow Times

them avril lavigne brazil nickelback

Here’s why the Internet should probably stop being a dick to Avril Lavigne

So you know how this week end, super-awkward pictures of Avril Lavigne and her fans were doing the rounds on social media?

Woah there.

It was reported that the fans had paid nearly $400 to have their pictures taken with Avril, but were told that they couldn’t hug her or even touch her


Pretty funny, right?

Well, not really. Turns out that the last time Avril Lavigne toured in Brazil, where these photos were taken, she was assaulted by a fan onstage.

This is obviously just guesswork, since her team hasn’t said anything about the recent photo-op but, hey, who wouldn’t be wary of getting super-close to a bunch of strangers after you were grabbed by one out of nowhere?

Plus, she’s definitely posed with fans in a much friendlier fashion before - look! They’re even touching!

Our conclusion:

It’s really not great to make fun of someone because she doesn’t want to be touched by complete strangers, especially since she was once assaulted by one of them. However, it is totally okay to make fun of her for being married to THE SINGER OUT OF NICKELBACK.

Pic: Wikipedia

So y’know, you lose some, you win some, eh?

them memes memes memes memes asbestos

'Asbestos Removal Memes' are the nichest memes you'll see today

We all like memes, right?

They help us relate to other people, they’re funny, we can send them to our friends… They’re like the Michael MacIntyre of the internet. Or at least that’s what we thought, until we discovered, er, Asbestos Removal Memes.

I mean, we can all relate to this, right?

But then it all starts getting a bit dark

Here’s Marxist philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Žižek, making this… a pretty deep cut

Still, we know that asbestos was used a lot in 70s construction, and Žižek’s pronunciation of the word (ash-besh-tosh?) would be interesting. So maybe it’s funny because it’s true?

These memes are inexplicably quite popular on Facebook

The Asbestos Removal Memes page was created just over a week ago, and it has over 3,000 likes

And, you know, who could resist belters like this one

Yes, we’re confused too

In fact, we genuinely can’t tell if this is a serious page, a joke page, a joke page that somehow ended up being taken seriously, or a serious page that somehow ended up being a joke.

We’re still finding it all hilarious, though we’re not entirely sure why.

For more of, well, whatever this is, head over to the Asbestos Removal Memes Facebook page.

them cassettes technology

Sony is bringing back the cassette: but forget the C90, this one can hold about 400 years worth of music

The cassette is dead, long live the cassette!

(Image: Flickr)

Sony may have officially retired the cassette walkman in 2010, but they’re not quite out of the business: they’ve just announced that they’ve come up with a new kind of tape that uses a “nano-grained magnetic layer”, which we think means it makes all your data extra small, with magnets.

This is how it works, apparently

Look at the uniform crystalline orientation on that!

They’ve not yet announced exactly when or how they’re going to be selling this stuff, but we’re assuming it won’t be targeted at the average consumer, unless people really need to carry 1000 Blu-ray quality movies with them at all times.

In case you’ve forgotten what the old-fashioned cassettes were like, we’ve found this picture of a dog using a Walkman to remind you

We’re just a little sad we couldn’t come up with a headline variant on ‘bringing cassettesy back’!

We hope those headphones have good subwoofers. Because it’s a dog. Woof.