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them apologies buildings England

This building would like to offer its sincere apologies

…to the Russell family

them soviet russia cars

Soviet-era Russian car design was so futuristic, for the most part, it hasn’t happened yet

The Soviet car engineers at GAZ (the Russian state car company) built a huge number of prototypes over the years

And loads of them look like they’ve been taken from sci-fi film sets. They are amazingly beautiful designs to look at, but were generally speaking too impractical or expensive to put into mass production.

Look at this 1930s number - the GAZ A-Aero from 1934


This was the GAZ A-Aero from 1934 designed by Alexei Nikitin Osipovich. We reckon it has had a fair bit of influence on the Batmobile over the years - check out the animated series version:

The GAZ Torpedo was a mid-’50s sports car and as you can see, was appropriately named

It had an all metal body and had a top speed of 102 miles per hour.


The USSR Research Institute of Industrial Design put this cab design together in 1964


We’re not sure, but the Johnny Cabs from 80s movie Total Recall do bear more than a passing resemblence:

This fantastic Star Trek Shuttle-craft alike is called the KA-30, and was a snowmobile that did actually go into production


As you can see from the dirt-battered exterior it was well used, probably ferrying post and passengers in the frozen wastes like Siberia, at the edges of the USSR.

There’s more to see in’s great collection here

them david icke reptilians

David Icke fans might be a lot of things, but they are NOT interspecies-bigots

This is simultaneously completely bonkers and incredibly reasonable:

them prince charles star trek the borg

Prince Charles: “I am Locutus of Windsor, resistance is futile”

He may want to assimilate you, but he does make nice biscuits

Of course, if he did assimilate us, we guess there’d be no requirement to bow or anything, would there?

us games george osborne politics

GAME: Join the world in slapping George Osborne!

It’s Friday evening, what are you going to that’s more productive than slapping the Chancellor of the Exchequer right in his furious face? The best bit? You can see how many other people are are joining in at the same time.

Play Slap George Osborne now!

them google streetview selfie

Google’s StreetView camera is taking odd selfies in art galleries.

For a while now Google has been unleashing its Streetview cameras inside buildings around the world, allowing people to go for a virtual explore

A particularly interesting part of the project involves snapping the inside of art galleries and museums - buildings which, for the most part, also happen to contain a lot of mirrors.

This has led to a lot of unintentional self-portraits being taken by the Streetview cameras

Spanish artist Mario Santamaría noticed these popping up and put together a tumblr collection of the best ones.

Curiously mournful… like a ghost robot

StreetView Camera pours its curves into a daring silver smock

Looking fabulous in this Topshop Boutique silver maxi-dress

StreetView camera in NAKED SELFIE shame!

We wonder if the peeps at Google were deliberately modelling the computer case after Nomad from Star Trek, seen here interrogating Spock

And, if so, whether the StreetView camera is equipped with its own plunger

For more candid pix of StreetView cameras, you can visit the Camera in the Mirror blog here

Story: www.citylab,com.