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blackadder outtakes bloopers

3 life lessons we’ve learned from Blackadder outtakes

We all know that Blackadder is one of the best role models you could have, but now here’s evidence that he’s a moral paragon even when things go wrong.

1. If your friend can’t get their sword out, dancing like a loon will totally help them save face

2. Doors are dangerous. Avoid

3. Poetic justice definitely exists. Behave accordingly

But you’ll like the actual video MUCH better because, as everyone knows, the funniest thing about Blackadder is the writing.

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Pirate cassette tapes from 1980s Saudi Arabia are an eclectic joy

Much like present-day Saudi Arabia, 80s Saudi Arabia wasn’t overly fond of breasts, nudity, or anything remotely controversial.

However, it was still possible to get hold of some decent sort-of-legal cassettes: it’s just that the cover art was, well, something else.

Remember the Human League album, Reproduction?

How about keeping the general theme, removing the legs and adding a picture of a 4-year-old blowing candles because… why the hell not?

Uh. Okay.

And surely, you remember the cover of one of the Smiths’ greatest albums?

Wouldn’t it look a lot better with a very tight and partially-transparent shirt casually drawn onto it?

Oh. Yes. Of course.

Led Zeppelin Best Of: A lovely bonding experience for the entire family?

Ah, well, here’s the thing about this one - it’s actually a Led Zep cover, from 1976 album Presence. Look, here’s the original - perhaps the authorities didn’t like yachts?


Although the other odd thing is the track listing. It’s basically all the one, slightly obscure album - except with stuff that the producer thinks you might also like slapped onto the end.

And that’s the joy of piracy: It’s full of surprises!

Thanks to Street Semi-Legal Cassettes for the pictures, and to Saudi Arabia for being so creative with their censorship.